Poker Industry

Poker Industry

A report from Poker Industry PRO announces a rather in-depth report on the state of the Online Poker Industry. This report will be available to all their customers and pretty much follows on from the some major regulatory changes that have been made during 2017.

The changes that were made in Australia, Poland, Czech Republic and Portugal could have had a significant impact on the online poker operators, and there has been some focus on customer loyalty programs as well as product development.

The new 10,000 word report takes a snapshot of the online poker industry in one of its most pivotal years. Across 25 charts, the report presents key data from the world’s largest online poker operators and regulated markets, including exclusive estimations and projections for 2017. With historical comparatives, the report paints a picture of a surprisingly robust online poker industry that has weathered a difficult year.

The report takes very stringent look into the trends over the year and in doing so is able to identify which operators are invested in their online poker operation and how. They go on to analyse any possible future growth within the online poker markets, and see where and what changes can be made to push the potential in 2018 and beyond.

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